A Book That Isn’t You

Photo Credit: Abby Dixon (Facebook) 

Body shaming is defined as , “the practice of making critical, potentially humiliating comments about a person’s body size or weight.”

This issue has come a long way since the days of harmless teasing on the playground. With social media, and fashion industry pressure, it has become a very real, and disturbing phenomenon.

Abby Dixon is a runway and fashion model who understands this issue, as both a model and an everyday woman.

The Florida native approaches the issue of body shaming, industry sizing and creating a more inclusive industry with a down to earth perspective, and shares her own personal experience with body shamers.

“I will post a photo, of myself, and what people think is too thin.I get comments saying, you need to eat a sandwich, I’m going to feed you a sandwich when you come back home. There’s also a lot of pressure, in modeling with media and agencies.  Everyone is telling you need to be small and you shouldn’t eat certain things, at the same time when you do get work people tell you are too skinny, but your agent tells you to work out more.”

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